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I think I'm funny, but I'm not. I like comics, good books, television and insomnia, and I really like it when people aren't assholes. Here be DC/Marvel/Image, Star Trek, ASOIAF, TMNT, pointless text posts and an angry, chubby little nerd bitching about society, sexism and privilege. If you'd like info on my commission rates and availability, check the commissions tag, please and thank you!

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And a super fast Numair, who I knew in childhood as Master Sexy Magic Hotpants.

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    It is a shame I did not know that you are a fellow Tammy fan. (Why did Steelsings have to die?)
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    Yay! Finally someone who knows how swarthy Numy is supposed to look. Someone’s dream cast for Numair was Benedict...
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    That is a great name for him. XD
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